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Maks Akymenko

Created and designed by Maks Akymenko, frontend developer based in Krakow, Poland 🇵🇱. Say hello 👋🏼

August 24, 20195 min read

How I Explain to My Grandma that I am Frontend Developer!

I've been a frontend developer for over two years. At times I found myself in situations where I had to explain what I do to people who know nothing about programming. So now I'm giving my best to clarify how lines of code typed on my keyboard are transformed into something you can see, click and even use in your day-to-day life

August 22, 20197 min read

Draggin' & Droppin' in React!

Tutorial about building an application with drag-n-drop functionality using `react-sortable-hoc` library

August 16, 20195 min read

How I Boost My Productivity as a Programmer!

It happened, that my profession requires me to develop myself, boost skills and improve knowledge every day. The list of productivity tips or habits, that help me be more productive both personally and at work